Thursday, July 20, 2006

Calexico • Bisbee 7 inch • City Slang

I think I got the first Calexico album in college, because of the cover art, way before the internet even, when you had to dialup with aol and were charged by the minute, sometimes you just had to take a chance and spend your money on something that looked cool, that based on the cover art, which was pavement collage-esque, I thought, 'this could be pretty good, there's the desert, a cactus, some broken crap in the background, that's what I like.' It was pretty accurate, a great default album to put in every once in a while.
A lot more recently I heard a piece about them on NPR heading in a spanish horn direction, and that's when I went the other way, sorry calexico.

This single could restore my faith in pictures of broken junk on the side of a desert road.

From boomkat. Just one tiny overseas pound, or from roughtrade.

• bisbee blue officially the 5th album from prolific arizona group calexico, 'garden ruin' is a sprawling, pensive and hopeful affair written by the bands core members joey burns and john covertino, just prior to their collaboration with iron and wine in 2005. the country-infused 'bisbee blue' is the first single from the album and comes backed with an alternative version of 'lucky dime'. limited to 600 copies - it's the first in a series of 7" singles released by city slang and arts and crafts which will come in specially designed house bag.

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