Thursday, July 13, 2006

wolfmother picture disc

Picture disks are just cool. Here's where seven inches shine, they turn into something else entirely. Maybe they could do something similar with the lightscribe.
Then I wish there was some place, or I should probably just make it myself, that made a kind of rail that goes along the wall with a curve on the top edge so you can line up a bunch of picture disks in a huge row and then have them right there to throw on the turntable. I think by the time I do that, I will have bought one of those jukeboxes and filled it up with indie rock, in my empty apartment, because I have sold everything...oh, except for a laptop.

Wolfmother - Woman b/w Colossal (live) 7" Picture Disc (Interscope)

Limited edition picture disc pressing.

This is an easy one from insound, there's probably some other stuff you wanted from there anyway.

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