Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Broken Social Scene fireyed 7"

I remember reading a year end wrap up on Pitchfork, how they got a random cd, with no info on it, and hadn't gotton around to listening to it because of the name, but when they did, it came from so out of nowhere.
I don't know what other bands they come from, but they played prospect park for free the other night and pulled a superfan up from the audience....well good for them.
I am suprized by the number of members, whose writing the songs? That can degrade into some kind of jam fest. It's just amazing they can pull it all together, maybe it's just a few people and the rest are just playing the instruments live, how much of a collaboration is it?

This is the other single 'Fire eyed boy' from this new album, '7/4 shoreline' is amazing...this one's good to, and it's only .99£.

Another great single culled from Broken Social Scene's killer self titled album from the tail end of last year, this sees them in top form, genre bending and shaking up the indierock scene just like we always knew they could. On the flipside there's an interesting mix too from `Exhaust Pipe' ? I'm not sure if this is a remix from the band themselves, but it's an odd one, noisy distorted sounds draping over the original track... I'm wondering whether that's how it got named... I can hear exhaust pipes I'm sure of it...

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