Friday, September 29, 2006

Psapp 7 inch

Here we go, more from the weirdo america or whatever new movement is going on, she opened for jose gonzalez at bowery ballroom and I only caught the last half of her set, and it was interesting a lot of effects, she was a one woman band, kind of ambient, with some vocals. I got a laurie anderson kind of vibe going on. A little artsy, maybe inaccessable for some people, but I would be curious to get a seven inch for sure. It had the same kind of exotic quality as jose, there's a whole new world that you've never heard.

‘Hi’ is Psapp's new single and a song which perfectly typifies their bric-a-brac musical world. A key turns, a door shuts, and a rhythm track emerges from what appears to be a painstakingly assembled selection of shelves, floorboards and cutlery, Marimbas, rich harmonies, and peculiar lyrics about limpets, abacuses, horses and more effortlessly evolve into an addictive oddball piece of pop.
The 7" comes backed with the b-side track 'Apple Block' and is available to pre-order now from Domino Mart for £3.00

Or on Phonica
Psapp-Hi-This is one of my favourite tracks on psapps recent album on the domino label, bleepy electronic sounds blend seamlessy with sexy female
vocals and the odd sounds of toy instruments, sounding something like early
stereolab played on a kids xylophone, also features apple block on the flip

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