Friday, September 22, 2006

russian circles 7" on suicide squeeze

This leans towards don cab, turing machine, in structure but with a metally edge like the fucking champs.

I liked this MP3 'Death rides a horse'
There's more on their myspace page.

Don't know too much about them, but I can always use a new instrumental album in my playlist writing arsenal. Suicide squeeze has been pushing the 7" format lately and I'm all for pressing enough to go around. Very cool. They are touring with Pelican and daughters, so that's it, I'm sold, another genre I can't get enough of right now, and the myspace songs clinch it. They kick ass.
I was reading the red sparrowes myspace about where the name originates...insane.

VINYL FORMAT. Limited to 2,000 copies! Hailing from Chicago, IL this three-piece instrumental rock outfit sonically slides effortlessly from dark foreboding ambient swells into a driving and texturally heavy sonic assault which then often mutates into irresistibly catchy melodic sections. Side A - "Upper Ninety". Side B - "Re-Enter". On marble vinyl!

This is available on Suicide squeeze or Insound.

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