Thursday, September 21, 2006

Cowtown 7 inch

This begins where the unicorns left off, they may be able to fill that huge void. Just when i thought it was over, low-fi interesting, underused instruments. I just will never get sick of someone turning it all on it's head, with a boombox and a roomfull of broken guitars. Cowtown are visiting that town, utilizing casio's, drum machines and microphones. I like what I've heard like these two MP3's:

an instrumental: Kitty runs away from garlic
and Superrockingbest

I will look for more of them in the future, and hopefully can find this 7" somewhere. These 300 may be long gone...but at their site they have at least 5 still out and maybe someone can convince them to ship overseas...

boomkat was pleasantly suprised:
This 7" just goes to show that you can't always rely on first impressions... I looked at it this morning, all faux-zany and and thought gawd, I'll leave it `till last to review - I mean, who calls their band `Cowtown' for heavens sake? And `A Slice of Ketchup'? what sort of godawful name for a track is that? I should have known from that moment that it would surely be nothing short of great. Cowtown make a delectable chunk of angular no-wave noisiness played by people who clearly know what they're on about. Maybe the B side would be rubbish? Nope, no such luck, I was bashed again by still more excellent sounds and chunky lo-fi rawk goodness. I was greeted by something I was actually desperate to take home and listen to in the confines of my own home... There's not enough of this kind of good quality instrumental noise-rock at the moment, okay it's maybe a bit to much in awe of Sonic Youth, but then what isn't these days? This is the stuff 7"s were made for so you'd better check it, or I'll send Kim Gordon after ya....

From the label:
Chart success will be ours with this piece of genius skwonk vinyl. But, oh no, there are only 300 copies! Like, oh! My! Godddd!! Cowtown’s three best tunes all on one slab of plastic. We’ve been totally jonzing for this for ages. When people talk about Cowtown songs, they always go “I like the one with the ‘Hard Day’s Night’ chord at the start, the one that sounds a lot like Deerhoof and the one that goes, ‘Deneh! deneh! deneh-duh-duh! Deneh! Deneh-duh duh!’” Well, cat daddy, I’m ecstatic to tell you that they’re the songs on this amazing record. With artwork by David ‘Fanboy’ Bailey (as if that’s not how he’s known these days), this is the juiciest piece of summer fruit you’ll taste all year. Out NOW. Booooom!

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  1. Anonymous4:49 AM

    You can still buy copies of this 7" from - there are less than 50 copies left, though, so hurry yr tuckus up. Also, is the distributor of this record and they'll be able to tell you whereabouts in the US you can buy it - there's certain to be SOMEWHERE in New York that carries it.