Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Field Music new single

I guess for me the jury is still out for me with field music, every once in a while a song will come up that sounds interesting and catchy in a shins kind of way, but I wasn't wowed by anything musically. It's melodic enough and good for something I'm not trying to listen to really closely. But they've been making the rounds in my music reading lately, so I could be wrong.

It's from Field Music's new album Tones of Town (which is due out in January) and it's backed by non-album track Off & On. You can pre-order it and get a bunch of pin badges thrown in at:
this place (overseas of course.)

Field music - in context + badge set: £3.99 The Field Music 'In Context' limited seven-inch single plus an exclusive set of four Field Music badges selected at random from the array above. Tracklisting Side A 1. In Context Side B 1. Off & On This multi-buy offer pack contains the following products: Field Music: Set of Badges - Misc. - normal price £1.99 Field Music: In Context: Ltd Edition - 7 inch single - normal price £2.99

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