Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Tunng - Jenny Again 7"

I was walking around yesterday and the books came on right after tunng, and I never realized how similar and different they are.
It's too bad the b-side is a remix of the earlies...they are alright, not too much substance from what I've heard so far, but again remixes don't make me rush out to get it. I don't feel rewarded enough for still having a record player. I know.....I'm a jackass.
I really like this combination of electronic stuff with acoustic samples.

TUNNG : Jenny Again 7"
FULL TIME HOBBY : 7" : £2.49
The Earlies bring a welcome dose of psychedelia to this single, the second track to be taken from Tunng's "Comments Of The Inner Circus" which reminds of Simon & Garfunkel with a modern twist.

Get it at roadrecs and boomkat or phonica.

Here are a bunch of MP3's thanks to My old kentucky blog.

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