Wednesday, November 15, 2006


This is weird, I guess I never thought of England having a country element. I am not familiar with the country music scene in GB. What happens when this genre is redone by brits? Well it sounds pretty much the same, a bunch of guys sitting around the studio, playing away, a load of instruments, bloody hell. Listen to a few clips here, on picadilly records.
Comparable to NMH in any way? I think that's a very bad idea.

HELLICAR, CRAGO, LEWIS LLOYD & FRIENDS "Chicken or Pills" (Sacred Harp Library - SH 002) 7" $9.25
"The second release from the Sacred Harp Library label (following the sold-out Dr. Ragtime
7-inch) is the stunning debut from extraordinary London based 7-piece HELLICAR, CRAGO, LEWIS LLOYD & FRIENDS. "Chicken or Pills" is an utterly infectious barnstorming romp mixing folk, blues and riotous rock 'n roll, like '70s Richard Thompson fronting a bluesy Neutral Milk Hotel. Flip it over for "The Truth" showing a completely different side to the band breaking out the ukelele, clarinet and three part harmonies. Utterly wonderful." Limited to 500 copies, packaged in Sacred Harp's die-cut, letterpressed, silk-screened sleeves. UK import.

Its possible to order it from midhaven. A really great service for this kind of thing. I always look here first.

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