Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Lazarus 7"

This is still available, and lazarus is an interesting artist I've never heard of. I like the quiet will oldham style, but maybe more like jose gonzalez. There's a couple vocals going on and some nice guitar work. I don't think you have to listen to something very long to get an idea if you like it or not, I was sold by the first track, then you just listen to see if that was an outtake or something, but I am very tempted to go for this, especially since they fancied it up with handmade cover and 5 songs. it's worth it, I'm just trying to tone it down again. I go through periods of getting everything I hear about and then as it starts showing up in my foyer it's like a flood, more and more, and I start to remember how much I've spent, and haven't even heard yet. So I'm in the latter period right now.
sorry lazarus. But someone get it and let me know.

We sold a ton of these right away, and we still have some left. The cover art is far more spectacular than we expected. Each one is a painstakingly intricate, hand-illustrated piece of artwork from the one and only living legend Jeremiah Maddock. As if that weren't enough, it also features 5 songs that are NOT on any album, a total of 14 minutes of new music! It's pressed on super thick black vinyl, and each one is hand-numbered in an edition of 300. These have been in extremely high demand, so order sooner rather than later. The price is $15 for delivery in the US. Canada is $16, and everywhere else is $17.

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