Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Horrors 7 inch

Another halloween themed seven inch from the appropriately named 'the horrors', I started hearing some different things about this band blowing up, they are playing down the street at galapagos on Nov 3rd. The tracks on myspace reminded me of not trying punk, boring chords and 3 minute songs about scarey things, so, it's not something I really recommend, it looks like a big put on unauthentic show...not like this other band I loved in high school that I think took things one step further...deadbolt, they were like surf horror rock, it was so specific that it made it so good. Tiki torches and surfboards, yelling 'down in the lab' I have to find more stuff by these guys, if they are even still around.
It's on puregroove.
I guess they only have a bunch of seven inches out, and are doing pretty well.

I can not wait for the WFMU record fair, I will be there maybe friday night, or saturday morning. I don't know what kind of recent 7 inches will be there but if it's even half of what I imagine.....

Third single from the excellent Horrors, with the vampiristic surf goth punk sounding as vital as ever. Another essential limited purchase to precede their debut album.

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