Monday, October 30, 2006

Xela 7" halloween covers

This is pretty amazing, a great idea and one I'm sure that won't last due to legal issues. I don't know anything about this band, but I liked the samples of these two tracks and will be on the lookout for this. They cover Halloween and Suspiria, kind of like tunng, very alien sounding. Worthy reinterpretations of heavy material. Perfect for the season. Turn on abc family and the scariest places on earth and goto Boomkat and listen to these samples. You will be scared, evn if you don't want to be. the other releases by xela sound equally amazing, a concept albumn about a naval disaster sounded pretty good as well.

Just in time for Halloween Xela drops his extremely limited 7" special featuring cover versions of, you guessed it, "Halloween" and "Suspiria" - a magical, eerie 7" that sounds as if it was recorded on a malfunctioning Dictaphone (it was) in the middle of nowhere at twilight.

*Exclusive Xela 7" - Only Available at Boomkat!* With his inky dissertation on the horrors of nautical zombie excursions well documented on 'The Dead Sea', it seemed something of a given that Xela would treat Halloween with the same kind of glee that kids reserve for Christmas... Hand stamped and etched with horror, 'Halloween / Suspiria' is a fantastic double serving of covers - with the former culled from John Carpenter's classic film and the latter Goblin's blood drenched missive. Opening on the A, 'Halloween' finds Xela teasing the listener with a fog of percussion and rimy elements - seemingly with no hint of the familiar melody. Yet just when you're about to crawl under the duvet through sheer tension, Xela cranks the atmospherics sky-high through the plink-plink melody - bestowing a further layer of menace to the already taut proceedings. Flipping the vinyl however will earn you no reprieve, as Xela takes Goblin's seminal 'Suspiria' and coats it in a syrupy layer of dark instrumentation that ebbs and flows like a midnight tide. Scary in the best possible sense, Xela once again proves why he shouldn't be trusted with an axe after dark... Deadly!...

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