Tuesday, October 17, 2006

jonathan richmond cover 7 inch

Anyone that covers Jonathan richmond is ok in my book, he is just so deliriously happy and sincere and honest, these had better be good, it's going to be hard to capture that feeling, or reinterpret it in some kind of electronic way, in the tradition of an indie cover in a completely different style than the original. I would get it on run of the mill records just to see. But it will cost me and arm and a leg.

The new split 7" in this wonderful series has arrived and it is a total winner! This time round the bands are covering tunes by the jaunty Jonathan Richman and The Modern Lovers. If you are a fan of his then you will certainly enjoy these renditions. If you have never heard of the fella then check this single out and you are sure to dig deeper into his back catalogue.

1. Pifco - She Cracked
2. Bilge Pump - Goverment Center

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