Monday, October 9, 2006

Love is all 'Make Out Fall Out Make Up' 7"


I still like this album, even now, it's like a good goto album when I don't know what else to listen to, or it comes up in random and I just want to hear the rest, like 'the organ', it's just plain good. I'm don't even think it's about the style of music, there is just an honesty, no matter what instruments they are playing it would be a good band, they have an awareness musically. I guess I just like them and I'm excited to hear something new from these guys. I can't wait for the a new they passed the awesomest live show ever test.

Like this YOKO ONO cover, 'kiss kiss kiss.' available I think for a limited time. Don't wait to download this track.

The single is only at HMV uk again, nothing stateside.

Described by the NME as "a deliriously skewed pop song", 'Make Out Fall Out Make Up' is the new single from Love Is All out now on 7" vinyl, CD and digital download.
All formats feature new B-side 'Lost Thrills' and Love Is All's version of the Yoko Ono track 'Kiss Kiss Kiss'.

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