Tuesday, October 10, 2006

annuals brother 7"

Wow, definitely preorder this from newbury comics.
Wait.....first don't trust me or anyone else, go listen to these MP3's from stereogum and then order it. I've seen comparisons to arcade fire, BSS etc, and don't worry it's not just as in 'the next new band' or they will sell as many. They have something similarly in composition and yelling in the background, but I want to say throw in like one part unicorns because these songs have a million elements going on for just a second, or less, and change in a heartbeat but still are just as powerful as 'funeral'. There is a lot going on musically, it's dense, you wouldn't know where to begin to reverse engineer these things. This is weeks of microphones and samples, playing with new choruses etc.

ANNUALS -- “Brother” 7" (street: 10.10.06) Nineteen year-old Adam Baker, a kid from rural Apex, NC with a faultless ear and a potent desire to create unheard-of sounds, is the architect of ANNUALS. Under Adam’s stewardship, Annuals transform pop paradigms into sweeping, luxuriant sonic landscapes while remaining faithful to a wholehearted emotional core. Get ready for “Be He Me,” the new Annuals LP on Ace Fu, coming this Fall.

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