Tuesday, January 16, 2007

BARR on Kill Rock Stars

This was on Kill Rock Stars and basically you can trust anything on this label. I always wonder what it must have been like to have elliott smith be nominated for 'miss misery' for goodwill hunting, and dealing with that as a label, as an artist. It was crazy to think a smaller indie rock label like that could be nominated for an oscar. I remember watching that performance, his white suit. I never really watched the oscars especially the music performance part it's like the grammy's. It's so fucking irrelevant, who cares, it's off my radar, who really watches it? When did rolling stone magazine and the grammy's go so fucking wrong and for that matter whose more irrelelvant and pointless. I nominate the grammy's. At least the oscars have been acknowledging interesting things that are happening in film, they have a wildcard pick or at least some miniscule quality. The grammy's are at least 10 years behind what is happening, they are too busy giving awards to acts that finally aren't considered dangerous, alice cooper, ozzy.
Anyway I wasn't sure what I thought of this except that it reminded me of jeffrey lewis and his 'don't let the record company take you out to lunch'. That kind of folk/talk, 'I don't sing' thing. I don't know if it's just the track on the site, or that's his style, but it was enough to get me interested, and I liked the his site also. I'm beginning to give props to people that don't have amyspace page. What the fuck, aren't we supposed to be individuals? With unique websites at least? Just act like you are trying. Post some mp3's there. I mean is it over yet?
but go listen to this track, it's really grown on me.

It's on kill rock stars, here's the link. Or at this place.
BARR - s/t 7" $4.25

1st pressing of 500. Black vinyl. 2 songs. No artwork on purpose.

The Great pop supplement has graciously sent me some of their releases to review and I hope to get to them this week. The washington phillips seven inch is really incredible and I plan on ordering all future releases from this amazing seven inch treasure.

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