Wednesday, January 17, 2007

gruff rhys super furry animals solo

I just don't think I am into the super furry animals or this side project 'Candylion' from frontman Gruff Rhys. This side project sounds a little more accessible to me than the SFA album I've heard. That's just based on these myspace samples, not as a posing 70's throwback. There are more interesting sounds here, a little more experimental. He's playing like beck with all kinds of stuff, vocally, with a literal scratch on the guitar.

'Love Kraft' sounded like it came from another era that I didn't like the first time around. It might be a sunday morning in the 70's, but I'm just not going to listen to it, something about it just depresses me.
Rhys, gruff-Candylion-This is the first single to be taken from the brand new solo album from the frontman with welsh indie rock legends super furry animals, the single features a guest appearence from vocalist lisa jen from welch outfit 9 bach, a totally stripped down sound compared to the super furries with just gruff, a beat box, acoustic guitar and short blasts of strings, add this to the endless list of classic pop songs this man has written over the years, limited edition pressing, all copies are individually numbered, also features colossal smile on the flip side, december 2006-7"-Rough trade-€3.99

I just read somewhere that the single comes with the cutout of the lion on the cover that you can assemble....that is pretty cool. I love all the chris ware cutout stuff where you can actually make things out of paper. Probably the best thing about this. The only place that had this was uk hmv.

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