Thursday, November 2, 2006

CSS (again) new 7" on sub pop

I went to go get the first Cansei de ser sexy 7 inch at subpop and little did I know they also started carrying this import single, I listened to it a few days ago and these are both excellent tracks. It falls into that guilty pleasure playlist, it's so electronic and pleased with itself. It's just fun happy and synth, I get into it like postal service, it reminds me of high school and embracing those sounds, even starting a band, with second hand drum machines and my casio SK1. But I guess I felt like I grew out of it and went back to the basics, just give me some guitars, and a pot. Sounds I recognize. But then I put these on the record player and they make you want to dance. And they're just an interesting band that I would like to get to know.
You can get both at subpop for about 7 bucks.

This is an import European 7" featuring the CSS song Alala on the A-side and their formerly unreleased punk ripper Odio, Odio, Odio, Sorry C on the B, certainly awesome, with a nice cat on the LVFXXX designed packaging.

Track Listing:

1. Alala
2. Odio, Odio, Odio, Sorry C

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