Friday, November 3, 2006

Blood red shoes 7"

I really liked what I heard from these guys and hesitated even talking about them until I could track down some of the seven inches first and had them sitting on my desk, but nothing, and I mean nothing has come up on ebay or anything. Musically they remind me of the liars, or even be your own pet, YYY's all in that vein. Interesting musically, the drumming is amazing, I really appreciate an interesting rhythm section, that can make it sound new. A lot of yelling, they are excited. I get a test icicles sound here, the back and forth of female/male vocals really work together and it doesn't sound gimmicky or contrived. Excellent, I want more.

They can be had here, of course import only, but it's worth it, I might suck it up.
Or it's on tryharder records, for 4 pounds.

Listen to the Mp3's: ADHD or Door these are both really really good.

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