Monday, November 27, 2006

David Vandervelde

I don't know about this seven inch, I saw it while going through a bunch of records at other music, which by the way I think it's pretty telling that tons of people are coming and going from that tiny NY storefront while across the street Tower music went from the entire block plus the video branch across the street, to completely closed out, cardboard boxes, flourescent lights hanging broken from the ceiling...pretty crazy. There was an insane 50% off sale going on in the last main part of tower which must have been there for years, but it looked like a madhouse and they take your bag, so forget it.
This is pretend sixties, which I got enough of with the raconteurs lately. It's described as such, which I think is a lazy way of saying we have nothing else to say about this recycled been done music. But I never was into that whole scene, yes there are good bands here and there which are historic and can suprise you here and there, I appreciate my history blah blah blah, but it just doesn't get me like the present.
There is a little too much guitar soloing, but there's something nice about the vocals...
go listen to the mp3, but I'm warning you, it's nothing you haven't heard/done before.

It available at secretly canadian.

David Vandervelde appeared before us one hot summer day like a dynamo. The sound we heard coming through in stereo was that of our coming-of-age years screaming back at us - a faithful reminder that our beauteous days of bowing before pin-up rock stars and carving iconographic logos on desktops and in famous treetrunks have not passed us by. No, David Vandervelde is here to remind us that the truest, most primal and addictive properties of rock n' roll are ageless. Indeed, this Chicagoan (by way of the dunes of West Michigan) recorded the A-side to his debut single a few years ago at age 19, yet he shows the maturity and swagger of a man much longer in the tooth. Bearing a resemblance to Marc Bolan and David Bowie on these two songs, we're eagerly anticipating his upcoming debut full-length, which will open the door into a much broader musical universe. Secretly Canadian is very proud to welcome David Vandervelde to the family.

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