Friday, November 24, 2006

New Tunng single

This came out just the other day from fulltimehobby records in the UK, it's only like 2 pounds and if you get the other two tunng singles, with shipping that wouldn't be that bad. I haven't seen any of these for sale in NY, and only ended up getting the 'pioneers' cover single from ebay. Maybe this will turn up somewhere.
You can listen to this track at Fulltimehobby
, the b-side is a remix, but really this is a band I don't mind hearing a remix, they are so electronic, it almost starts out that way so any remix is kind of just another version. It's like a remix of aphex twin or something, the source is in that genre already, so it works.
I really like tunng, they have a crazy combo sound of quiet instrumental with smart electronic not from the earth sounds. It's not an easy combonation to pull of, but they do it.

1. It's Because...We've Got Hair

2. It's Because...We've Got Hair (Department Of Eagles Remix)

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