Monday, November 13, 2006

Voxtrot - biggest fan 7 inch

I liked the first seven inch, it showed some promise, but this myspace song 'your biggest fan' is a mistake, they are like boring shins. I don't like it, and I wanted to like them in that way, so that's too bad.
I heard that shins album at brunch, the entire thing straight through, and it's still suprisingly good. The songs don't neccessarily belong together, but that made it good, I kept thinking they changed it, but then I would remember listening and it was the next track, it's nice to be suprised by something kind of familiar like that.

The single is available on their website:
It's going to be a while before the world sees a Voxtrot long-player, so we've recorded a little something to hold you over. A US-only 7-inch/CDEP called Your Biggest Fan will be released on November 7th. We'll be giving you a chance to pick it up earlier from us at one of our upcoming shows from October 28th in Austin TX, on. Tracks are: "Your Biggest Fan", "Trouble" and "Sway".

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