Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Rebel pet set label

I heard about this crazy electronic low-fi game/music festival going on this weekend, the BLIP festival, and I looked up a couple of the bands and lo and behold they have seven inches...a lot of them. Pictured above is just the first seven inch that caught my attention from firebrand boy, but honestly I need to find out a lot more about these bands and movement. This is just the beginning...

Firebrand Boy is a new and upcoming chip music duo hailing from Scotland. Pretty much like a Game Boy version of Postal Service: electronic pop with a lot of indie sensibility thrown in.

The nov 30-dec 3rd BLIP Festival.

OKAY suckers, are you ready for this? I sure hope the latter half of your week is 100% clear of any obligations, plans, intentions, or even remote inklings of being busy elsewhere, because HERE IT COMES.

.: THE TANK and 8BITPEOPLES present ::


:: 38 music and video artists from around the world ::
:: 4 days of low-bit music and art :: 11 30 - 12 03 ::


That's right, this Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, the BLIP FESTIVAL impacts with Lower Manhattan like a stray meteor, a meteor full of almost 40 low-bit musicians, visualists, and artists, for four days of low-res computer rock. From November 30th to December 3rd, 8bitpeoples and The Tank transform a disused bank in lower Manhattan into the site of the largest-scale chiptune event in the history of the form. Artists and musicians from across the US, Canada, Spain, Sweden, Austria, the Netherlands, and Japan will converge upon New York City to perform and demonstrate their work, many for the first time in the US.

TO BUY TICKETS, and to see the nightly schedule.
This seven inch is available from rebel pet set records, all of this stuff is in euros however, but there are some amazing releases here. There might even be some good seven inches at the shows.

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