Thursday, November 30, 2006

Fields of Gaffney

This is not a new discovery by any stretch, but I just came across it the other day and have to admit I had no idea even about the subpop eric gaffney release, which is still available, let alone this split 7 inch, which is the only other solo thing released since sebadoh, who I heard are mounting some kind of reunion tour, after B-low finishes work on the new dinosaur jr. album? Crazy.

Get it on Morc records

Fields of Gaffney / Pernath: "split single"
7 " ep - released february 2004

four new songs bringing the lofi-era back to life. Fields of gaffney is the new band of Eric gaffney, co-founder of sebadoh. though his releases over the past ten years have been very rare, he has lost nothing of his songwriting talents: these songs can easily stand the comparison with the songs he wrote for the critically acclaimed albums 'III' and 'bubble and scrape'. this is his first single since his contribution to sub pop's singles club in 2000.

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