Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hot Loins colors on Broadway to Boundary

This reminds me of a lot of bands I would hear in college, and they would blnd together in my mind. It's a pretty crazy mess of saxophone, off in the background, loud bursts of guitar and synth. This is a messy half ass test icicles. Bad echoey yelling, I can hear deerhoof in here somewhere, but really it needs a lot more work. I like the live sound they captured, more than anything they have commited to working live, but it deserves to be cleaner, and I bet there could be a lot happening with a couple added tracks. Maybe demand is so great they just recorded what they had to get it out there. I applaud the excellent two color vinyl and exclusive tracks.

This is all based on the couple of tracks on myspace. The tracks on the seven inch are exclusive so who knows what tracks are on these sweet sea green or azure blue seven inches on the Broadway to Boundary Label.
It's also at scratch records.
HOT LOINS-Buzzkill 7” (The Broadway To Boundary/BDY001) $6 “Two songs of cacophonous blast doing their damnedest to make you bust it. Three boys bringing the dance floor down, people falling all over themselves down on that floor like Twister gone horribly right. Extending the dance / noise / drone dynamic to its illogical conclusion: a mess of bodies writhing to static-cato guitar, pulsing bursts of synth gone psycho, and a flurry of fills signalling the demise of another drum kit. If you begin feeling dizzy and need to hold onto something, try Deerhoof, Arab On Radar, XBXRX, a single keyboarded MR. Quintron, or a slightly less frenetic Hella side project. Within months of forming, they had taken Vancouver as their spoiled lover, playing with the likes of Xiu Xiu, Hella, They Shoot Horses Dont They?, The Advantage, and The Mae Shi. The city quickly fell for their dissonant angular punk and chaotic noise. This is the engagement ring.The first release for Hot Loins, it was recorded at The Hive Creative Labs by Pietro Sammarco of They! Shoot Horses, Don’t They? with a hand from Hive helmsman Colin Stewart. The 7” arrives months before the pending full length EP, currently being recorded for a Spring 2007 release on Vancouver imprint Sound Document (You Say Party! We Say Die!, Cadeaux, Bakelite). Limited to 320 hand-numbered copies. Both songs are exclusive to this 7”. They do not and will not appear elsewhere. No repress is scheduled for the immediate future. Full color sleeve art designed by the notorious poster artist Cam Reed.”

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