Monday, December 18, 2006

I'm From Barcelona: We're From Barcelona seven inch

This is a great single and a pretty amazing collaboration. At first it reminded me of the polyphonic spree, who were tainted by some weird people who just liked them too much and immediately I was suspect. Then I think I saw them on a few shows and they weren't so great. The concept was kind of interesting, it was playing with religious choirs, and I didn't know if all those people were in the band.
That's what is such a miracle about film or large scale collaborative projects, that anything good ever comes out of them at all. After the script rewrites, the studio wanting to change pieces, it's cast by someone with their own agenda. So when a film is great it's really an accomplishment. So much can go wrong.
So to see this band of 29 people being able to put together such a catchy song in this warhol factory type situation, it's a miracle. Who knows what kind of stake everyone has in the band, how they will tour, break up. I have a feeling that there won't be a whole lot of singles. Go listen to 'we're from barcelona...' and get the seven inch from insound.

VINYL FORMAT. Named after Fawlty Towers' Manuel (he's from Barcelona, si?), and formed in Jonkoping, Sweden by Emanuel Lundgren, I'm From Barcelona are 29 (count em!) friends who gathered together and, fuelled with the energy that only a sunny summer holiday can bring, created an album of explosively happy pop songs.Emanuel's flat transformed into a factory where band members embraced a do-it-yourself ethic, coming and going loaded with banjos, accordions and kazoos and eventually releasing a DIY EP.

First single, 'We're From Barcelona', has a chorus it's impossible not to sing along with and a fantastic video that has already clocked up over 150,000 hits on YouTube and is gathering more and more converts to the 'biggest" band in Sweden's.

Track Listing
1. We're From Barcelona - I'm From Barcelona
2. Glasses - I'm From Barcelona

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