Thursday, December 21, 2006

I was a cub scout - pink squares seven inch

This is nice electronic pop, with super english vocals, but there's a low-fi quality I am liking. The only problem being of course this is only available overseas twin/, or with crazy shipping. When this guy sings he really means it, and there is a fine line between really just in the moment laying down a track and trying to get a messed up cracking vocal. They don't seem to be using these sounds ironically, I think they like them a la postal service, the only reason I make that comparison is not because of the collaborative aspect but the fun electronic dancy aspect to it. If nothing else the postal service made it ok to like that again. I was going the aphexsquarepusher direction thinking that was the only decent interesting thing being done with these ridiculous sounds. Push the technology farther than humanly possible, that was the point and an interesting one to listen to. Then postal service came along and it was just so well produced and written that you had to take notice. Maybe there was such an absence for so long that genre was ruined and then they came along and reminded everyone why the early 90's happened with information society, celibrate the nun, camouflage, OMD. That shit can be fun, if not downright embarrassing.
Continue the good fight and get the single on their myspace.

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