Friday, December 22, 2006

DeerHoof X-Mas picture disk on Tomlab

This just in!
Wow, this was just announced yesterday and I just happened to be looking at Tomlab tonight while writing about a few other seven inches I was looking at. I have been sooooo close to ordering this but I have spent my lifetime's budget on seven inches this year. I kind of have a guideline of no more than a pack of cigarettes per seven inch, so in NY, thats like 7 or 8$. This is 6 euros plus shipping which was nearly an additional 10. So needless to say I didn't hit the paypal 'pay now' button. I wanted to. This is amazing and super limited. If anyone has this I am jealous and merry christmas to you. Please if you find it in your heart to make even the worst quality recording of this I will be soooo super appreciative.
I know I will be kicking myself, someday I will be bidding on this on ebay.
Damn you tomlab!
Deerhoof is one of those bands that recently has made me a huge fan and I know anything released will be challenging and interesting. They are really great, and I have to catch them live. Oh well, get the rest of their seven inches. I will go listen to them and cry into my tiny pillow.
What's wrong with me?

This is a STRICTLY LIMITED EDITION mailorder exclusive X-MAS picture disc 7" single by DEERHOOF. It features the track "The Perfect Me" from the forthcoming album "Friend Opportunity" as well exclusive cover versions of "The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill" (The Beatles) as well the Christmas Traditional "Little Drummer Boy". Artwork comes from Glasgow based artist David Shrigley. Get it before it is gone!!!
Thanks for nothing santa.....
(Matt & Nicole thank you both for the crocheted blanket it's amazing, really perfect gift and me and danielle are curled under it right now. Come to NYC and get your presents.)

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