Friday, December 15, 2006

relapse records slimewave seven inch series

I will be getting back to unread's seven inches, but I'm still trying to do the next release justice.

Relapse is a weird label, they have a lot of death metal and thrash stuff, I don't know a lot of the bands, but they have mastadon on their label, that album got some good reviews and I keep meaning on checking it out.
This seven inch series is up to number two and if this cover art is any indication it will be some pretty serious stuff. I know I can't handle it.
Edition 1 of 6 for the Relapse Slimewave Series featuring exclusive songs from Total Fucking Destruction and Machetazo! Each edition is hand numbered to 1,000 copies and comes on a different colored splatter vinyl, this one being white/red splatter. These will never be repressed so get yours now! Highly collectible as each 7" cover in the series is to be put together to form one 42" x 42" image of an alien autopsy
Wait....42"x42"? Wow that's like 36 7 inches? Insane. That must be a typo or something. That has to be the most ambitious series I've come across. They are only $3 each, which is impressive being on splatter color vinyl and full cover sleeves...this stuff costs money people!

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