Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Tom Recchion Christmas

Ok time for anti christmas. When you're done listening to the sweet sounds of sufjan stevens boxed set or the new dave bazan, (which I can't find in stock anywhere), and you feel a little like throwing in the towel on all this christmas stuff reach for this Tom Recchio xmas release. It's already depressing, sitting at home with relatives, the house you grew up in doesn't look the same. The memories from when you were a kid you can see now were just made up lies. See what I mean? Just give in.
Tom Recchio was part of the Los Angeles Free music society, and from what I've been reading they are something I need to check out, like this 10 disk boxed set. It's hard to know where to start sometimes, but this seven inch would be a good place to start. As a graphic designer he has designed countless album covers. I'm going to go load up my ipod with a bunch of CRI releases. I heart noise. Xmas noise.
Title: Where Were You On Christmas?/Christmas Filled With Tears
Format: 7"
Label: Meeuw Muzak
Country: Netherlands
Price: $6.50
"Tom Recchion founded the Los Angeles Free Music Society in the late seventies (and if you can find it, try and get the 10 CD box that was released on RRRecords a while ago, which is an excellent documentation), and later on worked with David Toop, Keiji Haino, John Duncan and Smegma. For his solo work he loves exotica, which was ten years ago a term for lounge music of an exotic nature. Mood music played on an organ. These titles, Recchion uses a laptop with Ableton live.. Some strict editing certainly worked well on Tom Recchion contribution to what I call the darkest days of the year, or at least the most boring days. Like Mister Meeuw I dont like Christmas very much, but its a fine day to play all your alternative tunes and avoid Last Christmas and Mister Meeuw adds every year a new tune. Tom Recchion puts on his mood tune hat, and digs for some gospel preacher preaching where you were on christmas. The b-side has an even more sorrowful tune from a guy who lost his father and now he is all alone. Both pieces are precise and to the point. Let the season begin!" - Vital Weekly.

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