Thursday, December 7, 2006

modified toy orchestra

I remember watching MTV a milliion years ago, probably around the 120 minutes days and seeing a band that only used toy instruments, and being so amazed. They would just go to the toys-r-us and get new instruments and then smash them in the encore.
At that time I was messing around in the garage with friends, trying to play everything, using power tools, old hammered dulcimers, buckets. They inspired me to look at another approach, to go to the salvation army and get those electronic guitars, and drum machines. That stuff was still was so bad it could be used for good, or should be, to make up for the bad music it has been forced to play.
I think you have to experiment like that to get it out of your system, it's the same in art school, you might have to paint aliens or put some bronze cast baseballs in a glass case or videotape yourself nude doing god knows what. There is that weight of history that in order to throw it off you have to compact it all into a few years, everyone else is just as stupid, no one really knows what they are doing yet.
But this kind of experimentation still kinspires me and this falls into the 'No one else can ever make this kind of music' category. Brian Duffy and his modified toy orchestra are doing an incredible service in the field of unknown sounds. He is a pioneer. I hope to see him play live one day. Unf
ortunately he wasn't at the BLIP festival, but it would have been right up his alley.
This release is on phonica, and also will have to arrive via airmail.

Released: 11/27/2006

Kooky low-bit electronics from the Modified Toy Orchestra who apparently do electronic music that has no midi, no sampling, no synthesisers, no laptops, in fact no conventional instruments of any kind!

From Scratch:
MODIFIED TOY ORCHESTRA/Z X SPECTRUM ORCHESTRA-Pocket Calculator/T.V.O.D. 7” (Static Caravan/VAN102) $6.50
“A split release between two bands and two labels. Modified Toy Orchestra and the ZX Spectrum Orchestra have hooked up with Static Caravan and Warm Circuit, two code friendly local labels. Heck the Static Brothers welcome back to the caravan the Modified Toy Orchestra. Who first graced the label back with Van 6. Since those heady days the band have multiplied and recently stormed the sonar and supersonic festival. Usher the computer age into your home with the yummy sounds of the ZX Spectrum Orchestra. That's Clive one and Clive two to you lot, well they have been performing and building code whilst you fritter your money on pegs. So explore their programming /mathematical /musical mysteries and get your ear trumpets around this futertastic homage to The Normal's TVOD. A seven inch in all white. White wax and white sleeves, with hand stamped labels in an edition of 375.”

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