Friday, January 12, 2007

Home blitz

The other single I ended up getting from these guys was the 'live outside' 45, and I haven't heard anything better along those lines, let alone a live single. It's just what you think it would be, rocking out in the park, I think you can hear background noises. That's such a great idea, I liked the DIY, low-fi aspect to HomeBlitz and the recording. Of course there is some great songwriting here, but those kinds of things are the acts of determination, I have to take this shit seriously, they rocked the park and recorded it.
Here's a great interview with Daniel Dimaggio of Home Blitz. This clinched it for me, the stories of rehearsals at peoples houses, dad's breaking the band up, it's a 'nam flashback.
Here's a review from Agony Shorthand.
Word is they have a new bassisst and have played a couple times in williamsburg that I missed. That was obviously stupid.
Get this seven inch here..

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