Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Pete Greenwood • The great pop supplement

This next release on The great pop supplement is from Pete Greenwood. This is equally as impressively put together as the washington phillips, super heavy vinyl cover protecting this 7 inch, with adapter and brown paper sleeve inserts.
The two tracks here are 'Heavy eva' and 'Bats over Barstow'
This is Pete and an acoustic guitar, some serious picking, and slide. On his myspace page he lists influences like john fahey, bonnie prince billy, nick drake and smog. I can hear all of this in these two intimate tracks, perfect on vinyl.
'Heavy Eva' is fingerpicking heavy and vocally I want to place him in the spectrum of acoustic one man closer to a nick drake, there's a soft quality to the lyrics, you might have to relisten and lean in to catch the end of a line. Nothing's going to beat you over the head. you better be paying attention. The picking reminds me of some of his stuff as well, but also dylan completely, something about these chords and changes.
'Bats over Barstow', the title the ralph steadman illustration from 'fear and loathing', showcases some amazing slide/picking work. I recognized the line 'when the going get's weird the weird turn pro' from hunter s. and then started putting it all together, the stream of consciousness retelling of the adventures in vegas. This is all done in a dissaffected, barely separated sentence quiet voice and it's all over too quickly, and I want to play it again, it was just getting started. It has that kind of telling a story folk quality, but in an abstract way.
I will be looking out for a full length release by Mr. greenwood, as I'm sure he's just getting started.

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