Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Animal collective - People 7"

New Animal collective seven inch, I almost missed this recently, but saw it mentioned in an email description from aquarius saying that the 'People' CD EP just came out and it has 2 more tracks than the 7". Luckily they still had a few copies of the seven inch left. Who needs more tracks, I want this seven inch. Aquarius has it , but not for long.
A friend of mine gave me the campfire songs album a long time ago and I didn't have the patience, I couldn't imagine the quiet buildup of the 10 min. tracks, I just didn't appreciate it, and now I feel like a jerk. Should I even be listening to them sinse I jumped on the bandwagon. Did the hype influence this? Putting on tung songs, and seeing them play at bowery ballroom, it was truly alien, there was no frame of reference, I had no idea where this sound originated, and what kind of effects were on the vocals. It was a really interesting drum circle feeling. I never thought thta could be possible.
I did read a really amazing interview that talked about the members all together and recording on this porch and just trying to really capture that feeling with minidisc recorders...I have to go back and listen to that. It's like greg davis, who I've really been paying attention to lately.

We got a wee bit more from Animal Collective to close out 2006! Or, shall we say, to start 2007. This is their limited edition Australian import 'tour only' release People! There was a cdep version comprised of four songs: the title track, "Tikwid" and "My Favorite Colors" as well as a live version of the title track, but that's already gone (actually, we've got 2 left so we're not even listing it -- however it's gonna come out domestically sometime this winter supposedly). But we do still have maybe a dozen of this 7", which features just the first two tunes. It's a limited pressing of 1000, and we won't be able to get any more... so don't dilly dally!

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