Friday, February 16, 2007

long blondes

Giddy Stratospheres / I'm Coping

Let's face it - if you've been to an indie club in the last year or so you've definitely heard this. The most anthemic and instantly recognisable Long Blondes tune is finally available on single (two 7's and a cd single). Catchy melodies and more…
I am really not into this, but I've seen this band's name pop up here and I gave it a shot. They need to run this whole album through some feedback and reverb, and then record it live. It might have that 'love is all' feel. I will be so disappointed when they record their next record. A good producer won't mess with that sound and maybe even go more low fi, there's nothing wrong with it, don't ruin it with a perfect room and mics.
The sound here is pretty flat, and I'm finding it hard to get over this 50's sock hop happy feel. I can deal with 90's twee, but I draw the line at stray cats mod.

This description is insane, I don't like all three of these bands...
the suburban disco fantasies of the Human League, the opulent ridiculousness of ABC, the seedy glamour of Pulp

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