Friday, February 2, 2007

my luminaries

"Jumping The Great White" / "Petrol Station Union Jacks"

Jumping the great white keeps me playing them over and over, I don't know what the hell this means though. Then there's a rhyme about electrolytes? Is this possible? Anyway this sounds like ted leo, or the walkmen in that frantic way they are english and yelling very melodically. This sounds really produced so it makes me not like it. What do I mean by that? I think that after a while you hear the same tricks, everyone is using the same effects, the same compressors. A producer influences everyone else and they copy it. 'Well it was used on this hit, so...' I can't think of anything worse. It's good to know that this stuff can't be a formula, it is to some degree, but you can see right through it. I'm glad to be a critical cynical bastard.

I don't know, the more I hear this the more it just sounds like an average college band, in any bar in america. Maybe they jumped the great white shark, maybe I did. It sure is a bad idea to compare yourselves to those bands unless it's really really true. I don't hear that here. Except that the libertines are ok you can have that.

This is available on Phonica:
MY LUMINARIES : Jumpin the Great White GRONLAND 7" : £0.99 : in stock 12/1/2006
Uptempo, jagged indie from Reading's My Luminaries who have drawn comparisons with Arcade Fire, The Libertines and Pavement.

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