Thursday, February 1, 2007

Besties on hugpatch

“Rod ‘n’ Reel” b/w “Working Title” 7”

I got this in the mail the other day based on the
dusted review. It just came the other day and it is a really super cute cotton candy pink. All I know is they have a song called '79 Lorimer' on their myspace, and that's like down the street, so these are my homey's. I probably sat across from them at enids one weekend morning. I am going to go find that building and listen to a reheasal one day.
This is a keyboard, maybe 2, some drum machines, guitar, no-effects vocals, recorded in the livingroom, talking about some 'lorimer jam scene' I want to be a part of that. At least that was what was on the myspace, this seven inch after I gave it a good listen has live drums and it just rounds out the sound in a great way, this elevates the besties. Damn I am loving this 7".

They also claim bunnygrunt as one of their friends, I saw bunnygrunt at under acme, maybe 10 years ago and was introduced to a whole new genre of great fun music, I didn't have to take everything so seriously, recording, lyrics, musical ability. They were having unpretentious fun. I immediately bought the seven inch, I have never seen it, and the one album I found is half as good as the live show or the 7". I have a feeling the besties can fill this empty place in my heart.

Don't listen to this at work, for some reason I started to rethink some of these songs as they came out of my tiny speakers. They really are good trust yourself.

I have dreams of cuteing out for a few months on a 4 track and contacting hugpatch to carry my new 7" called 'sweater kids - blonde monument'
I don't know what I'm talking about.

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