Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Son alphabet series

This is like tunng, but really upfront and in your face. Where the books are quietly standing on the edge of the dancefloor, not really wanting to be there, Son is right out in the middle dancing with himself, and everyone is thinking 'who is that maniac?'
Son Myspace
Tomlab Alphabet Series P
PS, US The group was formed in 1998 as a 4 piece unit based in Lille, northern France. Since the beginning DAT Politics began to operate in their own musical genre that became over the past years a certain kind of "Hyper Pop." Mixing click-beats with glitch-melodies and sounds, but they sound very unlike most other laptop musicians. It´s all about a mixture between minimalism, electro - pop- acoustic & deconstructed techno, with a very joyful and humorous touch to it. Since their release of this years album "Wow Twist" the band got even more playful and wonderful than ever. Two brand new and exclusive tunes!

Thankfully parasol has imported this, and it's only 6$...not bad.

I am sad to say, I saw explosions in the sky Monday night at Warsaw, I wish they would play at a church like arcade fire it would be so fitting. I really wonder what the polish bartenders think of some of the bands that come through there. Oh... why am I sad? I think because I really got a sense of this musical place and time. A really specific moment that is temporary. How much longer can this go on? How many more instrumental albums can they make with this intensity? It's not so much a gimmick as a movement at this point, and I want it to go on forever. I don't know why I felt that way...the band...the turnover of artists. It's just too good...that's what it was, like unwound. Have they peaked musically? I hope not, I just wonder how long they can sustain coming up with this material without resorting to getting too quiet, too experimental, before they just feel like it's been done, they can't top themselves. How much more touring, stolen equipment, 10 minute songs.... I'm just glad I was there.
There was no encore....

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