Wednesday, February 21, 2007

pink mountaintops - single life

'Single Life'/'My Best Friend'

This sounds like jesus and mary chain, or 'jesus built my hotrod', real upfront vocals and some distorted vocals trading off versus with a super fuzzy explosion of guitars. It's like the early 90's of industrial are back.
I still mean to go back and get a copy of barbed wire kisses, that b-sides thing of early early jesus and mary chain stuff. I got into them towards the end, around when the pixies were covering them, and worked my way back. I just remember hearing that and thinking, there was no obvious place in time for this, they really pushed guitar-as-sound to some kind of impossible conclusion that wasn't like anything I heard. They created their own tiny genre taking the wall of sound idea some place it hadn't gone.

I need to go find some really early jesus and mary chain seven inches.

PINK MOUNTAINTOPS- 7" (Jagjaguwar/JAG109)
The first song, called "Single Life," is yet another in a long line of great fuzzed out Velvet-styled gems by Pink Mountaintops, sped up ever so slightly to be in synch with the minds of akathisiacs everywhere. And the reverse side,"My Best Friend," is the more affecting and spiritual of the two, perhaps McBean's most beautifully crafted song to date. Pink Mountaintops is Stephen McBean (and also many of his friends when the full band is assembled to play live). McBean has been in numerous groups over the last two decades, like Jerk With a Bomb who morphed into Black Mountain-a psych-tinged maximal rock group whose self-titled debut record captured a great amount of critical acclaim.
I like that somewhere on black mountain there is a pink mountaintop. This gets the award for making the most sense as a side project name. I never would have put them together otherwise but now I get it.
On scratch records.

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