Monday, March 12, 2007

Chow chow • Dear francis

Dear Francis / Wedding Video

I have no idea how I found this but this has some serious potential musically. the vocals maybe could be seriously buried or a little scaled back but it's nothing I couldn't get over, at least what I'm hearing from this dear francis song on myspace...maybe it's their slow jam, because the other tracks sound like the beta band on 78. Especially 'skeleton with hair', this driving relentless beat, there's some robotic vocals thrown in. They aren't afraid of the crazy electronic keyboard sounds too. I really like this track a even ends with an old school feedback, throw the guitars down, kick the drums, just spaz out at the end of the track. I haven't heard that in a while. It's kind of nice.
By all means get this new 7" coming out next week, but their last one 'chow chow chow chow' might be better. The b side 'Metallica (early) is great too. I knew there was a reason i wanted to get to this. This has a produced sound but they are still having fun with it. I guess I need a band to enjoy it as much as I do? I want them to be having fun...but then that's me today. If I'm in a sad bastard mood then I might hate this.
What a jerk.
CHOW CHOW will be releasing a new single “DEAR FRANCIS” on 26 March on limited vinyl 7" (complete with boardgame, dice & counters) and download. Check out Chow Chow's debut video for Dear Francis online here. Tour dates tba soon.
Both of these singles are at the fantastic plastic records shop. Not only does this 7" come with dice and counters but the 'chow chow chow chow' one is white and comes with crayons to customize it. I have to hand it to a band that really goes that extra mile with the 7" appreciation. They have outdone themselves.
They both are amazingly still available here, but they deal with pounds and airmail...I'll have to look for it somewhere.

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