Friday, March 9, 2007

Birdflesh/Hatebeak • Bird's rock (evilly)


Hatebeak is a metal band with a parrot on lead vocals. That's it. Love it.
Birdflesh, I don't know except the internet told me they are metal/etc from norway (perfect) and I couldn't understand a whole lot of the text except they have gwar-like costumes and they probably are loud and evil.
Whatever genius put these two together, has my deepest respect and admiration. Not only are the two bands insane, but you conceptually linked the band names together.
There is no way you would come across this and just flip through past it in any 45 rack. You can't miss that cover.
It doesn't matter if you have never listened to death metal wtf in your life, this is a perfect entry point.
This 7" can't lose, that's what I'm saying. It can be universally appreciated.

I have a full hatebeak 7" from relapse and if you missed that one this split will do.
You will play it for anyone that walks through the door. Ridiculous.

This guy has a great description of hatebeak

PS, US New rawkin' split with the birds of metal! LIMITED & COLOR VINYL!

It's also on parasol.

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