Wednesday, March 14, 2007

dark room notes • LLN

Love like nicotine / Love like nicotine (evil disco mix)
This has a remix on the flip side, so I don't know if it's worth getting, and by flood none the less. I remember sitting around one day looking at liner notes, (something I don't do enough of anymore, music is just music these days), and I realized everything I was listening to was produced by Flood, REM, they might be giants, the cure, this was the entire groundbreaking movement and he was producing singlehandedly the entire thing. I still don't know anything about him.
I don't know where to place this music, they actually use 'chill out' in the verse which is pretty bad. There might just be too much not to like, but other than that it is fun for a minute.

I listened to the new microphones seven inch and was reading an interview with him today and this new songwriting direction he's taking. In my limited experience lyrics are the make or break element to a good song, in the case of beck, you can conceptually draw attention to the meaninglessness, or like malkmus things just sound good together, then there is everyone else who basically is writing as cryptic as possible to Phil Elevrum who on this seven inch is telling you exactly as specifically as possible what to do. 'Don't Smoke' and 'Get off the internet' you can imagine what the lyrics are wait you can't, go get it, it's pretty amazing and an interesting idea.

Dark room notes-love like nicotine (ships out on saturday the 24th of march)-this is the debut ep from this new irish based four piece and also the debut release for this new irish label gonzo records, the main track blasts off like some mixture of later new order meets the electronic tinged indie rock sounds of the likes of the bloc party, its an infectiously catchy piece of uptempo indie rock with lots of lovely eighties new wave tinges and heavy synth sounds, also features evil disco mix by flood on the flip side-7"-gonzo records-€4.99
Of course roadrecs has it...but I don't care.

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