Thursday, March 15, 2007

black snake seven inch?

I'm not even going to begin to get into this movie, it looks ridiculous, I can't watch christina ricci for ninety minutes. But a seven inch featuring Samuel L Jackson? That's worth looking into. I'd even watch him in a fictionalized blind lemon jefferson reenactment documentary on PBS.
I would love to hear this, it's like his character put out a seven inch. Genius. It makes me want to shoot some movie about unwound just so I could have an excuse to press a seven inch from the thrown together schlocky piece of crap movie I just made because I'm untalented.
Whoever can get a hold of one of these, you are very very lucky.

I could only find a million places to enter weird online contests for these 45's. Too bad, but the links below let you listen to both tracks, so really it's the same thing.
Anyway, forget about this movie and listen to the b-movie sounds of mutha fucking sammy j:
In celebration of the release of Black Snake Moan, the new film from writer/director Craig Brewer (Hustle & Flow), a limited 7-inch vinyl record has been pressed up.

Side A - "Stackolee" - A new interpretation of the classic African American oral tradition toast about Stack-O-Lee and Billy Lyons as interpreted by Samuel L. Jackson, Kenny Brown, Cedric Burnside and Luther Dickinson.

Side B - "Black Snake Moan" - Originally written and performed by Texas bluesman, Blind Lemon Jefferson. Jefferson penned the song as he was going blind. Performed here by Samuel L. Jackson with contemporary Memphis fold/blues artists Jason Freeman on guitar.

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