Friday, March 2, 2007

The Decemberists • Oh Valencia

Oh Valencia / After the Bombs

What is it about the decemberists? I am all about the sensibility, the illustration, the neutral milk hotel freakshow thing they have going, but there is something about the melodies and his voice, something about it I just don't like. Maybe it sounds too put together, the feeling seems forced, I can't explain it. I keep trying here and there and every time it's the same thing.
They have released some seven inches so I had to take notice sooner or later but it's just not working. And a theme are just putting the last nail in the coffin.
I do feel like they are into what they are doing, it's just a weird direction they put on as marketable and sad. They have chosen this awkward posture. It's a poor man's beruit.
And what kills me is his accent, where is this guy from? Not europe. Ok I feel like I've been bitching all week, and I have nothing good to say.
But really, I could be convinced.....maybe.
Decemberists-Valencia-A very catchy single from the decemberists taken from their recent album the crane wife, its a real singalong indie pop gem which reminds me a bit of the go betweens at their catchiest, also features non album track after the bombs on the flip side, february 2007-7"-Rough trade-€3.99
Wow this review from boomkat practically agrees, in a weird different way. Still hilarious.

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