Thursday, March 1, 2007

Suburban kids with biblical names

Marry me / Seems to be on my mind

They sold me with this video, it was one of those times watching NYnoise when I sit up and look around...complete jaw drop. It's a normal band practice space/living room, but there is a ton of crappy computers and headphones keyboards, flashing lights, and a monochrome green screen. But when I heard the line 'I'm going to make out with my computer.' I almost fell off my couch. How can I relate to this nerd pushing buttons singing into a headset? Well I spend enough hours staring at this screen wishing I was making more music, and could just write ridiculous lyrics and not give a crap.
This is like future bible heroes, just fun and from a parallel universe in the late eighties early nineties where the music was good and free. Hmmm I wonder if there is a name thing going on there...some kind of weird connection.
I remember now seeing their other video 'rent a wreck' and I didn't like that so much...but I've changed my mind. I'm trying to get over the slightly 'they might be giants' thing going on.
And what the hell is with sweden? Seriously NY, we've got some things to learn.

Suburban kids with biblical names-Marry me-Very very limited edition 7 inch only release on the irish based label yesboyicecream, each copy is hand number and they are limited to only 300 copies worldwide, pressed on pink vinyl too, features seems to be on my mind on the flip side, marry me kinda reminds me of the meeting of belle and sebastian and the acoustic sounds of jonathan richman, its a lovely jangly little indie pop gem complete with tinkling piano and violins, february 2007-7"-Yesboyicecream-€4.99

Of course it's available at roadrecs....I'm starting to hate you....does anyone live even near this store? I neeed to go there.

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