Wednesday, April 4, 2007

be be see - You K Gold

The be be see.
This seems like a weird 60's freakout austin powers band. I really liked the name, but they might be overdoing it a bit. There are hints of the arctic monkey's here. It's jangly pop, with a bit of keyboard, they are looking for a good time.
The more I hear this the less I like it. It's like bad futureheads.

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Debut single from London-based tank-top-attired four piece with an uncomfortable obsession with television channels. ‘You K Gold’ has a little in common with early Pulp and even has a girl (Beth Randow) on keyboards. And has a shimmering electronic sample in the background as well as a catchy chorus of “I’m gonna get you on my radar!” Be-side (ah see what we did there) 'Discover E' is an altogether rockier affair with a stomping drum and mechanical post punk guitar. Lead guitarist and vocalist Kevin Retoryka (?!) sounds in places Ian Curtis. This band have been together for less than half a year and already signed to a major label and released this great debut, exciting stuff!

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