Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Mia Doi Todd • Dublab remixes

Dublab remixes.
I came across this, researching all of the contributors on the new Dntel 'Dumb Luck' album that I reviewed for Looserecord.com. Mia's contribution was a very portishead sounding, ultra slow chorusy number, which worked well contrasting the glitches and waves of electronica from Mr. Dntel.
But she didn't just show up last week...she has extensive roots in folk, around the era of palace brothers, before this resurgence, and has collaborated with tons of people, including prefuse 73 and folk implosion. I was suprised at the number of reviews from people who had never heard of her but gave one album a chance and were diehard fans...I also kept reading one quote from a review calling her 'pretentious'. If you feel like folky, strong female singer/songwriters then get this from Plug research.

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