Monday, April 16, 2007

A Weather - team love records

A Weather - Feather Test 7" (Team Love)
The Feather Test / One More One Night Stand

If you feel like me and on a crazy rainy weekend and can go for some quiet slowcore acoustic guitars and a couple layers of vocals, elliot smith style, than this is seriously perfect for you. I already listened to their myspace tracks a million times. They also throw in slide guitar and a real slow almost bedhead feel. There's some really nice things happening with girl guy harmonies and then they go back and forth.
I'm skeptical, how much of this kind of music can I like, but they won me over quick. There's a million harmony's and really nice acoustic guitar. This is what I thought Connor Oberst's Team Love would be like, they are off to an amazing start.

This is easily obtained from Saddle Creek, I immediately placed an order.

A Weather, a Portland based band, consists of a shifting collection of friends. Aaron Gerber writes most of the songs and sings on a lot of them. Zoƫ Wright, and Sarah Winchester also sing a good deal of the time. Zach Boyle, who used to be in Super XX Man, plays electric guitar. Contributors include Aaron Krenkel of the band Exploration Team and Lou Thomas of the band Chores.

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