Thursday, April 12, 2007

new bloods

New Bloods can't be accused of jumping on any kind of bandwagon and following some sort of formula. This is an original mix of something. What exactly? I'm not sure. It sounds like what you imagine the new deep south to be, combining traditional violin low-fi distorted chanting, very raw, with a recorded live sound. Beat heavy and borderline belonging on one of those strange music compilations. Maybe I'm just getting all of this because this is released on raw sugar records, (which I can't track down anywhere), a label from New Orleans.
Who knows what kind of influences are at work here. They could just as easily cross over into all kind of sub genres. I could see this coming together next to a bonfire, in the middle of the night with no one listening, just scarily channeling. I'm scared.
KRS carries it.

New Bloods explode into the world with their debut four song 7"on Raw Sugar Records out of New Orleans. Drawing on influences from early ‚80s art punk classics like the Raincoats and Kleenex, and a rhythmic impulse a la ESG, these three women currently living in Portland, Oregon, bring together a sound all their own. Featuring Osa on violin and vocals, Cassia Gammill on bass and vocals, and Adee Roberson on drums and vocals, New Bloods have been together for 10 short months, but their chemistry is fierce. Playing to great response allover the west coast and planning larger US tours in the spring and beyond, New Bloods are going to make you dance while still not taking any of your bullsh*t. Cover art by Monica Canilao on this beautiful full color four song 7"

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