Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Ponys • So sentimental

My friend Tim was asking me the other day where all the rocking shit had gone. What was I listening to that wasn't metal instrumental or unwound , he just wanted some anti-folk pop. The ponys , I think are ready to fill that void on his ipod.
They have some raw guitar distortion, and sing like they are a rockabilly cramps played through a shitty PA, but still with a hint of the old, good Elvis. This is pretty straight ahead, we want to rock you with tracks like ' I want to fuck you' and 'burn in hell'. They won't dazzle you with a light show. They plug in the amps and get to work.
From the myspace, I get the sense they have two speeds, dirty rock and then dirty blues.... interesting

Recently they signed with Matador, so this seven inch won't last long.

This seven inch has now gone into a second pressing on Contaminated records they even remastered it.

Finally the remastered re-issue of the Ponys first single from 2002, "So Sentimental". Other tracks are "I Wanna Fuck You" and "Sorceress of the South Side". Richard Hell, Tom Verlaine, and Sonic Youth. CR012 (originally CR002), printed covers, black vinyl, edition of 500. Original pressing was 500 blue vinyl, blue silk-screened covers, 300 black vinyl orange silk-screened covers. In the first edition some covers were translucent blue silk-screened.

This is also available at parasol mailorder

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